GET Ambush Design Band Aid Ring

July 8, 2017

If you’re clumsy, reckless or still haven’t quite mastered the whole living life as a grownup bit, or better yet, all of the above, there’s a chance you'll find yourself sporting a Band-Aid or two from time to time. They usually don’t feel too stylish, really, unless you think about how Daryl Hannah kind of worked her flesh-colored index finger Band-Aid like a badass accessory (along with an eye patch) in 2004’s Kill Bill: Volume 2. She made hers look pretty chic.

Leave it to a brand known for making barbed wire, bike-lock chains and toolbox screws look wearable to conceive of an adhesive bandage you’ll want to wear when you’re not in the healing process. Although there’s no adhesive to be found; technically, it’s not a bandage either. Instead, Tokyo-based label Ambush Design has executed a cunning riff on a mundane object. Their ring, in plated gold or silver, doesn’t read like a Band-Aid at first glance. In metal, it’s a discreet abstraction, for a piece of jewelry that’s cute but not too cute.

Available at Ambush Design for $250.


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