GET Ava Nirui x IDEA MY KEANU Collection

March 17, 2018

What better accent for your couch or bed than a fluffy faux suede cushion emblazoned with the tender gaze and rugged stubble of a young Keanu Reeves? Or a silver pendant necklace engraved with his first name, a name seemingly designed to flow freely from your lips over and over again? Or perhaps simpler, your choice of T-shirts, one with a photo of the star that reads “My Keanu,” the other in navy blue again with his name in plain text? 

Back in the '90s, Meredith Nirui created a fanzine entitled MY KEANU. The focus of the zine is pretty self-evident, and it featured Nirui’s handwritten notes, paired alongside rare photos she’d taken with the star himself. Now years later, her daughter, Ava Nirui, who happens to be an Instagram artist and Helmut Lang digital editor, is honoring her mother’s passion project (and celebrity crush) by getting together with IDEA publishing house for a special collection of Keanu-themed memorabilia. 

You can also nab a softcover book photography version of the original fanzine, which tells the story of Meredith and her love for Keanu. Because the only thing that apparently lasts longer than eternal love is the appeal of Keanu Reeves. Then again, the book is a limited-edition release of 500 copies, so the most ardent of devotees ought to act fast. 

Available at IDEA for $29 to $46. 

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