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By Adrienne Airhart on March 20, 2017

Breez Mints are a step in the right direction for on-the-go edibles that are consistent, quality, fast-acting and offer a range of dosages. With three flavors and dose levels to choose from, these pocket buddies are a great ice breaker and a nice way to stay buzzed without having to vape or smoke in public.

The tins housing these mints are absolutely adorable. Metal and rectangular, they look like mini-versions of full-sized tins of hot cocoa or tea, and I love the sense of whimsy they inspire. Seriously, they’re like an inch tall. Plus, getting to feel like a giant sometimes is cool, right? The mints themselves are tiny and sassy, with little cannabis leaves stamped into them, so if you forget they’re medicated, that subliminal messaging will help you out. The formulas include natural terpenes found in cinnamon, peppermint and vanilla, and the strains are from NorCal, so boy are they tasty. They only took me about 30 minutes to feel the effects, and they lingered for well over six hours. I wasn’t groggy, but I was definitely chill (you’re welcome to anyone who got to experience me like that).

The tins come in three different colors for their correlating flavors and dosages: black, red and white. The Original Mints are in the black tin, and at 25mg per container that equates to 5mg of THC in each mint, which are tiny and yellowish in color. That’s a great dose for when you’re out and about and still need to talk to people, and you can always take more than one. Cinnamon CBD Mints come in a red tin with 25mg THC and 25mg CBD, equating to 5mg of each per mint, which have a reddish (cinnamony) color and are slightly larger than the Originals. This combo is an excellent dosing mechanism for someone just getting into edibles or wanting to feel the CBD effects of body relaxation and anti-anxiety as much as euphoria. The white tin is reserved for the Royal Mints, the highest dosage coming in at 100mg THC per tin and 20 mg per mint, which are bigger than both of the other mint options. These are not for the faint of heart or novice consumers. I gave these to a friend because my dose has sat firmly at 10mg since I started eating edibles years ago. He gave them three thumbs up.

Normally I’m a two Tic-Tac kinda gal, but I take just one of either the Original Mints or the Cinnamon CBD Mints to be safe and add accordingly. It helps that the mints are produced by a company renowned for their consistency in dosage and quality meds, though! I love the classic flavor of the Original, but the little bit of spice from the Cinnamon reminds me of Big Red gum from back in the ʼ90s—who doesn’t love a bit of a flashback, amirite? These are an excellent take-along to parties or just out in general, but be willing to share as there are only five in each tin and someone will ask to try one. Be the hero and offer one, or pop it in surreptitiously like you used to do right before a makeout sesh in high school and keep them for yourself. No judgment.

Breez Mints retail for $20 (Original) and $40 (Cinnamon CBD) and up. 

Adrienne Airhart is a Los Angeles-based comedian. Follow her @craydrienne. Photo credit: Instagram

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