GET Champion Reverse Weave Pink Logo Bomber Jacket

April 26, 2017

Guess what? Bomber jackets aren’t going anywhere. Much like black yoga leggings worn as real pants, they’ve managed to slyly make the transition from ubiquitous trend to closet staple, thanks to their general versatility and comfort levels. (They are comfortable, and people like to be comfortable.) So you might as well buy another one, particularly one that’s not from Alpha Industries because you probably already have one or by Vetements because it costs a million dollars.

Enter Champion, a brand that’s already seeing a renaissance thanks to a recent collaboration with Re/Done, and their silky, shiny rendition. In bubblegum pink nylon right in time for spring, it’s the right combination of sporty and girly, and at under $200, it doesn’t add up to a big commitment. Buy it a size up for some give and slouch, and style it with stuff that’s not too sporty (unless you’re actually hitting the gym) or girly, lest you look like a vintage cheerleader. Think along the lines of biker-babe boots, cut-off jean shorts, and an effortlessly sexy bodysuit.

Available at Ssense for $170.

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