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March 16, 2018

For many smokers, vape pens are an essential part of their cannabis lifestyle. While someone new to vaping might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices, Dr. Dabber stands out as a brand that consistently finds ways to innovate in the competitive arena that is cutting-edge cannabis tech. Most head-shops carry Dr. Dabber, but not every shop stocks their coveted new foray into designer gear: a limited-edition Dr. Dabber x AHOL Sniffs Glue collaboration.

AHOL Sniffs Glue is a graffiti icon who hails from the streets of Miami, with work that has attracted attention from celebrities and corporations alike. Most significantly, his work was outright jacked by American Eagle when they launched a worldwide ad campaign based on his trademark "droopy-eye" design. Without permission, American Eagle used his work on graphics for its website and storefronts, even going as far as recreating a "true-to-size" imitation of an AHOL mural for a store opening in Medellín, Colombia. AHOL rightfully sued American Eagle, who settled out of court. With work that pervasive, fans are obviously clamoring for this new Dr. Dabber release.

The artist's signature droopy-eye design is now where it rightfully belongs, on Dr. Dabber's latest Aurora: Artist Series pen. As befits AHOL's visual style, the unboxing experience is unlike any other. It comes in a stash-box spray can, designed to conceal three atomizer options, two mouthpieces, a custom hat/lapel pin, a dab mat and a silicone container/dab tool. Partnering with a street artist this prolific has paid off for Dr. Dabber, earning the company a definite win on the aesthetics front. Legend has it, this pen is so trippy-looking that, after a long pull, the artwork starts to stare back at you. 

Another standout characteristic with this AHOL collaboration is the variety of options for vaporizing your oil. Dr. Dabber provides one of the widest ranges of attachments currently available on the market. With so many different consistencies and varieties of oil available, it only makes sense to include an array of atomizers designed to withstand the use. You taste the wax, not the heat.

In terms of functionality, this device is intuitive and easy to use. A variety of magnetic attachments are available for the pen, and three temperature settings ensure your oil vaporizes optimally for flavor and strength. Admittedly, the PRØHBTD staff did encounter some issues with the battery and one of the included coils, but Dr. Dabber's "no questions asked" battery warranty allowed for a stress-free exchange and a smoke-filled sesh. (Note: The atomizer cannot be returned if it has been used so make sure it's burning properly before you load and puff that sticky you've been waiting to try out.)

The limited-edition Dr Dabber x AHOL Sniffs Glue Vaporizer retails for $109.95 in red and blue color options. 

Photo credit: Vahe Abed.

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