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June 18, 2018

You know the feeling you get when your favorite brand puts out a new-and-improved product? Does the thought consume you until release date, when you’re inevitably left gleaming with joy or smashing holes in your drywall? That’s exactly what being an Eden Extracts fan feels like, minus the disappointment and broken knuckles; just happy highs and maybe the occasional giggles.

Eden Extracts is known for its flavorful vape cartridges, which use cannabis-derived terpenes and CO2-extracted, pesticide-free oil paired with sleek, high-tech batteries to provide a true connoisseur experience for cannabis users. Most recently, the company unveiled a tasty lineup of strains for its new partnership: PAX Era Pods.

For those unfamiliar, the PAX Era is a small, compact vaporizer that interfaces with proprietary oil pods—the device can be operated manually via touch and/or the mobile app for more accurate temperature control. After inserting your pod—PRØHBTD tried the Tropical Heat flavor—you're ready to take the first draw! After pulling, the sweet taste of terpenes hits the tongue, with a gassy, fruity finish on exhale that makes you eager to take a second, third and fourth puff… but don’t go too crazy! You may end up higher than you intended because, if we know anything about Eden, it's that the company's oil will get you very high. See how you feel after a few minutes because you can always have more but you can never have less.

After getting wicked high and pondering life for a minute, bust out the ol' smartphone and open the PAX app because your temperature will definitely affect your experience. The lower temperatures (around the 600°Fs) are super tasty, but the vapor clouds are barely visible and you don't fully feel the desired effects. The higher temperatures, on the other hand, provide thicker, denser clouds with a minimum reduction in flavor, though they can be harsher on your throat. After several sessions, 720°F seemed to work the best for flavor, vapor production and the most enjoyable session overall.

Depending on use, the half-gram pods can last several days or even weeks. If you’re a slow user, fear not! The wicks in the pods are high quality, and the oil doesn’t lose any of its taste after sitting around for a while. In fact, if you have even a non-visible amount left and keep on pulling, you’ll eventually get a hit and still be able to taste the strain. And speaking of strains, these bad boys come in several varieties, including Sunset Sherbert, SF Sourdough, Gelato, Pink Champagne, GSC and GG#4. If you want some fire variety, Eden has you covered.

Eden Extracts' Pax Era Pods retail for $50.

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