GET ExtractCraft’s Source Turbo

By David Jenison

GET ExtractCraft’s Source Turbo

The original microwave oven, first marketed in the 1940s, transformed kitchens as the first new essential appliance since the dishwasher, but it didn’t catch on right away for a very big reason: The inaugural model stood more than six feet tall and weighed nearly 800 pounds. That’s a lot of overkill for nuking a pizza pocket. The national ʼwave craze didn’t start until 1967 when a new countertop version came to market. Size matters, and when it came to American kitchens, smaller was better. By this same metric, the Source Turbo by ExtractCraft has the potential to become an essential new kitchen appliance for cannabis enthusiasts. This multi-purpose extractor epitomizes compact size, technological innovation and game-changing functionality previously available only in huge machines. 

Form and Function

The Source Turbo, seen here enjoyed by The Herbal Chef on Pot Pie, is a kitchen-ready countertop appliance that extracts and concentrates the essential oils of plant-based ingredients. Through a combination of gentle heat and vacuum suction, the machine safely processes grain alcohol and cannabis and/or other botanicals in two and a half hours or less. After the closed-loop system completes its run, it delivers an oil concentrate packed with cannabinoids and terpenes. As the only extractor operating at around 100°F, the Source Turbo ensures that the terpenes are strong and their medicinal effects potent. 

To ensure the highest quality oils, monitors regulate the temperature and pressure, and Bluetooth technology allows consumers to start, stop and oversee the extraction process with smartphone apps available on both iOS and Android devices. The machine also enables extractors to reclaim and reuse alcohol that would otherwise be lost to evaporation. This saves a person approximately $12 per run, which means the machine pays for itself by the 50th extraction. Most importantly, the Source Turbo is completely safe to use, unlike dangerous DIY extractions done at home that generally produce inferior concentrates.  

Redefining Versatility 

No matter how you define butter, the Source Turbo has you covered producing cannabinoid-rich oils perfect for making everything from cannabutter to butter dabs. The appliance can also help you make infused cocktails, fragrances, aromatherapies, salves, cooking oils, medicinal tinctures and solvent-free concentrates. That’s right, you can refill your vape pen for a fraction of the price or even turn your shake into shatter! As you likely already guessed, cannabis is not the only botanical that can benefit from this kitchen-ready appliance. The Source Turbo can help you extract essential oils from other plants and herbs to create comprehensive holistic remedies or to infuse culinary dishes with complementary flavors. In other words, this innovative appliance is a versatile and valuable resource for cannabis enthusiasts, medical patients, gourmet chefs and cocktail connoisseurs alike.  



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