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March 19, 2018

In 2015, PRØHBTD described the original Firefly vaporizer as having "the sleek design of a Bugatti but the raw power of a Mack truck." Founded by an Apple alum, the company followed up a year later with its latest iteration, the Firefly 2, creating a new standard by which other vapes are judged. Vape vets already know the Firefly 2 and all the gushing attention it received, but this overdue review is for the newcomer just now getting familiar with cannabis and/or its many new high-tech devices. 

The Firefly 2 is an elegant, compact and intuitive vaporizer that's ideal for rookie vapers looking to raise their game. Consider the simplicity: Lay the device on the dock to charge up quickly, and then remove the magnetic cover to expose the bowl. Grind or hand-tear cannabis buds, put them in the bowl and replace the magnetic cover. Gently press the buttons on each side of the vape at the same time, and the convection system heats up the chamber in a matter of seconds. Now take a long draw from the filtered mouthpiece. You may want to stir the buds slightly every few puffs, but otherwise, using the vape is as simple as that. 

The device is also designed to evolve with your tastes and expertise. It comes with concentrate pads for those who want to dabble in dabs like wax and shatter, and a free app allows users to control the temperature settings for more or less heat. (The default setting is medium-high.) Likewise, those who wish to vape away from home will appreciate the device's portable size and relatively long battery life. From the cannabis pro to the guy who still calls it "pot," anyone can find their comfort level in the Firefly 2, which meets the user at his or her expertise level. 

Portability, scalability and simplicity are all huge perks, but the Firefly 2 is most notable for its efficiency in delivering pure vapor. If you pay for premium flower, you want to taste it, and draws on the Firefly 2 are characteristically smooth, clean and aromatic. The bowl is easy to clean, and unlike the glass pipes of yesteryear, the Firefly 2 doesn't get ash everywhere, including in your mouth. 

Still looking for an excuse to upgrade to the latest-and-greatest from Firefly? This device would make a fantastic 4/20 gift to yourself. Or your dog. Or anyone you can easily steal it back from. Better yet, dispense with the excuses and just buy one 'cuz you want it. 

The Firefly 2 retails for $329. 

Review copy provided by VapeWorld.

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