GET Foria for solo sessions & partner pleasure

By Adrienne Airhart

GET Foria for solo sessions & partner pleasure

When I got my box of Foria’s “marijuana infused personal lubricant designed for female pleasure,” I thought to myself, “I don’t really need this. My boyfriend and I have still got it goin’ on.” But that sexy little black box and sleek spray bottle tempted me to just go ahead and give it the old college try. If you have ever eaten edibles or smoked a whole bunch and then had sex with someone you cared about, you understand the intensity that being high can do for your sexual experience. Set aside a few hours for this excursion! I got the smaller bottle, the 10ml, and was relieved to see it was solventless and made with coconut oil, but it’s not latex compatible (which is ok since I am in a committed relationship).

I am always mindful of how much product to use since I have a low tolerance for medicated oils and edibles, but I used a few drops right on my love button for a solo session and felt pretty immediate results—I was just watching Netflix and then suddenly I was looking at Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights like he was Magic Mike. My mind was swirling, and I threw my head back staring at the ceiling watching erotic scenes dance through my head like one of those baby crib mobiles that shoots shadows onto the walls. It was like the hit that comes after you dab, but minus any lung pain or coughing. Once I started using my “back massager,” I realized I would need to turn it down to the lower setting or my body might convulse, exorcist-style. I was shouting, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!” at the top of my lungs within moments. And then I fell asleep, back massager still in my hand.

Flash forward to the next time I tried it: Enter, my boyfriend. I put a few drops on him and used less on myself this time—I fell asleep too quickly after the last round and didn’t want to miss anything this time. Woman-superior proved to be the most effective position for us both to maintain eye contact without getting weirded out because of how high we were. To sum up: It. Was. Epic. I feel like I fell in love all over again, and this time there were no material goods in that process. The connection was intense, fast-acting and allowed me to enjoy multiple occasions of high-frequency, long-lasting waves pulsing through my body (a rarity for us as a couple, let's be real) before eventually collapsing, out of breath, next to my lover. If he could have made human words, he would corroborate my endorsement of the experience. Seriously, clear your schedule if you want to use this, and be careful to start with small amounts and don’t put it on your hands first unless you want to be super duper medicated. One time I fell asleep before anything started, and the only fun we had was in my vivid, sensual dreams as I slept next to my lonely boyfriend.

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