GET Fruit Lust Vape Pens

June 2, 2017

If the prospect of a fruit-flavored vape pen sounds repugnant to you, hold that thought. If it doesn’t, then you don’t need any convincing, so skip ahead. A fruity high has the potential to elicit tropical vibes, befitting pool parties and beach days (less so for holing up in your apartment on a rainy day, but there are no rules). It’s kind of the equivalent of drinking copious amounts of piña coladas when you’re on vacation: You wouldn’t normally do it, but in the right context, especially under the sun, it feels great. 

Besides, people really, really like Fruit Lust’s subtly flavored yet highly potent pens. Like, a lot. 

Produced in Humboldt County, California, their oil is made with directly sourced clean flower that’s processed into raw oil, distilled and refined (leaving basically nothing but pure THC oil, testing at around 98 percent), and cut with fruit terpene. The ultimate THC content comes out to roughly 60 percent. The pens come in 10 flavors, from tangy Grapefruit and Lemon to berry varieties to Pineapple, the brand’s most popular. Light and portable, toss one of these pens in your beach bag, and don’t hesitate to share. 

Cartridges runs about $32 each. 


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