GET Hello Kitty Sparkling Rosé and Sweet Pink Sparkling Wine

November 2, 2017

Wine snobs, avert your eyes. Everyone else, this is something you most certainly don’t need and might not even want, depending how much of a penchant you have for alcoholic beverages and a certain Japanese brand intended for children yet beloved by adults or both. Or if you want to make a real splash when you attend your next dinner party. Either way, the appropriate response here is, “What took them so long?!”

Hello Kitty and getting drunk just go together, you know? And a Hello Kitty-catalyzed hangover somehow makes a whole lot of sense. Who knows if that’s true, but the packaging is pretty adorable, in a campy, kitschy, tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Produced by Torti “L’Eleganza del Vino” Wines (emphasis on elegance!), the full line of bound-to-be fine wines includes a pinot noir, pinot nero and, of course, lots of fizzy pink wine. A nice light, fruit-forward red is great and all, but when a cartoon kitty is involved, it seems only right to go with rosé, particularly if that rosé has bubbles.

The Sweet Pink Sparkling Wine is only $25 a bottle (or $75 for a trifecta), and naturally it’s made to accompany desserts, but it’s the Sparkling Rosé Special Edition that will really impress. Only 6,000 bottles, which come in a high-shine fuchsia with a confetti-coated wrapper, exist. Pick up a case of three for $120, or opt for the combo back of three different bottles of, yes, Hello Kitty Sparkling Wine

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