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June 19, 2018

Ninety-four years ago, a World War I veteran founded the first gay rights group and started publishing the first-known gay rights newsletter. Sixty years ago, the Supreme Court smacked down the U.S. Post Office for prohibiting the delivery of ONE: The Homosexual Magazine to subscribers. Forty-nine years ago, customers at the Stonewall Inn took a stand against a police raid that resulted in rioting and the historical start of the gay civil rights movement. Twenty-six years ago, gay activist Dennis Peron co-founded the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club and helped launch the medical cannabis movement.

There are many historic moments for the gay community to take pride in, including its pivotal role in helping launch modern cannabis activism.

The LGBTQAI+ community celebrates Pride Month each June, and Henry's Original released a new pre-roll product called Pride that pays to tribute to the legacy. Each Pride pack features four half-gram pre-rolls made with small-batch, organic flower grown on its family farm in Mendocino. In a nod to the LGBTQAI+ roots of medical cannabis, Pride smokes feature a 1:1 ratio of cannabidiol (CBD) to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for enhanced wellness. Henry's describes the pre-rolls as featuring "notes of pine and melon," and certainly the earthy taste of pinene is present on the palate. One might also detect a slight taste of tea, but overall, the draws feel smooth, soft and well balanced with a relaxing high that's perfect for social settings… like Pride parades.

In an age when companies help destigmatize cannabis through modern branding, the pre-rolls come in elegant tubes placed inside vintage-style boxes that one could imagine finding in a 1950s gas station along Route 66. Whether rockin' a leather motorcycle jacket or marching in a Pride parade (or both), it's hard to imagine a better cannabis pairing than these gay pride-themed pre-rolls.

Henry's Original Pride retails for $40.

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