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By Carolyn Lipka on November 22, 2017

Back before the legalization and proliferation of cannabis products, there was a pressing question among high schoolers curious about the prohibited plant: What is the best method to smoke it? Among my friends (especially the experienced ones), the consensus was that there's nothing better than a bong to introduce first time users to cannabis. It offers the cleanest hit, only a little will take you a far way, and it's difficult to overdo it if you're sharing with peers. Bowls are harsh on your lungs, joints are laborious, and edibles are more likely to knock you the hell out than ease you into a joyous (albeit responsible) state. 

When vaporizers entered the zeitgeist, however, these conversations became somewhat moot. The humble ancillary products of our youth are still in wide use but certainly in large part due to nostalgia. The bong itself has suffered the most, in my opinion, because of its lack of portability, the sensitivity of the glass and all the moving parts that are necessary for it to work. The Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 offers a solution to these problems while allowing you that water-filtrated hit.

The vape-bong hybrid looks like the bottom of a light saber with its sleek silver chamber and body. The mouthpiece and oven are connected by a glass tube that you fill about a quarter of the way through with water. The chamber is sealed with a twist-on cap and a built-in device intended to evenly distribute heat (a common problem with vapes). The heating device itself is ceramic, though, a disappointing normalcy among even top vaporizers. Once you figure out how to detach and reattach all the magnetic and securable parts, which is admittedly a struggle even with Ikea-esque pictorial directions, it's almost too easy to use.

Like most vapes, the three-push activated button allows you to customize the heat between five temperatures, which are color coded by strength: blue being the lowest and red being the highest. I love the novelty of using the product, as any product with a bubbler evokes memories of poorly constructed gravity bongs and glass pieces as tall as me. One kink is the battery life, which only lasts about 15 sessions per two-hour charging time, which hopefully will improve in future models. Overall, I'm excited to see Cloudious9 offer an innovative product that integrates some of the best parts of social smoking. This vaporizer offers a formidable alternative to a classic device with the added benefit of portability. 

Hydrology9 is available now for $249.99

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