GET IDM Custom Speed Tripla 0.0 Motorcycle

November 16, 2017

Most of the things we recommend buying are things we know we can actually buy. This item doesn't fall into that category, unless you happen to be among a very lucky few. Meet the Tripla 0.0, a custom speed motorcycle by IDM, which is an acronym for the aptly titled brand Italian Dream Motorcycle. At least they don't false-advertise. So disclaimer: Coming in at about $51,000, this is a "get" most likely reserved for fantasy.

Based on the Triumph Street Triple bike and unofficially known as its kid brother, the Triple 0.0 was created in collaboration with supremely specialized workshops that manufacture racing parts. It's got Speed Triple monoshock suspension (after painstaking research, two plates were machined to make the suspension just right), which increases precision and stability. Compared to its older sibling, it also has a smaller tank, seat plane and power delivery, along with a racing belt for a simultaneously safer and smoother ride. Finally, the Tripla offers rims made from solid blocks of metal and belt drive transmission, as opposed to chain transmission. If most of these words mean nothing to you, no matter. In monochrome black, this motorcycle looks dope as hell. Plus, it goes really fast.

Only five of this special-edition 675cc version of the Tripla 0.0 motorcycle have been made, so needless to say, it's a supreme collector's piece, but you can still purchase it at The Arsenale, just like that. Bragging rights included.

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