GET iRollie Phone Case and Rolling Tray

October 4, 2017

As college students in Boston, Joe Khoury and Luke Shepter invented the first phone case that doubled as a rolling tray and sold all the cases that the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol didn't seize. ("The letter from the federal government was sent to my family’s house while I was a junior in college, and my mom wasn’t happy at all," wrote Khoury about the seizure in an email to PRØHBTD). Following the success of the original, the duo developed a new phone case that serves as an all-purpose cannabis utility kit. The updated OG2 Roll & Stash includes a grinder card, bottle opener, pouring funnel, detachable rolling tray and smell-proof stash compartment. 

Just one problem: Kickstarter refused to let the young entrepreneurs crowdfund the project, and then Indiegogo said it would and quickly shut it down after a few days. Out of necessity, Khoury and Shepter launched their own fundraising portal, and as of September, the public helped iRollie exceed its original crowdfunding goal. The OG2 Roll & Stash is now in production and will be available soon for $49.99 (or $39.99 as a pre-order). 

The lifelong friends, who have created custom cases for Def Jam Recordings and others, also designed other iRollie products like a biodegradable smoking pipe, a coffee mug pipe, a lighter leash and three types of organic rolling papers made with your choice of veggies, banana leaf or corn husk. In other words, the traditional crowdfunding sites might not show iRollie much love, but there are countless reasons the real-life crowds do. 

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