GET Jeff Sessions Rolling Papers

March 8, 2018

Jeff Sessions may or may not be a force helping keep the Mueller investigation going, but he certainly is renewing the war on cannabis like he's Harry Anslinger reincarnate. Earlier this year, the Attorney General reversed the Cole Memo, a policy initiated by the Obama Administration that allowed states to determine their own cannabis laws and regulations. Legalization advocates continue to push back against Sessions, but the group #JeffSesh is doing so in the most hilarious way possible. 

#JeffSesh recently introduced General Jeff's "Old Rebel" Session Papers, which feature the A.G.'s mug on each booklet of 33 ultra-light rolling papers. This is your chance to turn Sessions' image into ash while smoking your favorite strain and supporting the fight to legalize cannabis. For the month of the March, a portion of all sales will go to the Drug Policy Alliance, a NYC-based advocacy group that's been fighting against prohibition since 2000. 

The first run of Old Rebel sold out quickly, but the papers are back in stock and ready to roll. Like the A.G.'s view on race, the booklets are either black or white in color, and they cost $5 each.  

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