GET Katrina Andry's I'm Not Your Chocolate Fantasy

July 5, 2017

NOLA-based artist Katrina Andry has three pieces—all part of a I’m Not Your Chocolate Fantasy. Don’t Touch My Hair series—in a new exhibit titled Girls of Summer at the Allouche Gallery in NYC. Fourteen different artists contributed works to the show, which runs through July 27, and the messages range from playful to fierce. Andry's three pieces, however, have multiple layers of meaning. 

Per the website, the artist wrote, "I address the exoticism of women of color. I address the ideas about women color in which they possess something special because of the color of their skin. I also confront this culture of describing darker skin tones in food terms, which further exoticizes someone. And what I like to call 'The Help Syndrome,' in which women of color has some sort of unearthly insight into other people's lives because of this notion that they are deeply rooted and better grounded to the earth. The portraits are color reduction woodcuts, with a reflective mylar for the curly hair. Curly hair, just as skin color, is heavily weighted in the exoticizing of women of color."

If interested in the piece, contact the Allouche Gallery

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