GET Lana Del Rey Gold Necklace

July 14, 2017

Hmm. Interesting. Not that Lana Del Rey has an online store all her own; her line of merch isn’t that extensive, offering you a relatively standard selection of T-shirts and posters. This, however, is not your standard gold locket. Essentially, it’s the most “Lana Del Rey” piece of jewelry you could imagine. Retro-tinged and vintage-inspired? Check. Reminiscent of Catholic rosary beads for an element of twisted romanticism? Check. Gold, girly and, to quote the woman herself back when she was on the rise, worthy of a “ghetto Nancy Sinatra” or a “Lolita [who] got lost in the hood?” Check.

But a probable Cruel Intentions reference kind of comes as a surprise. Those who remember the classic 1999 flick will recall Sarah Michelle Gellar’s total bitch character and the rosary necklace she wears religiously. That’s because the cross offers a secret compartment, along with a snuff spoon, for the coke she’s constantly shoveling up her nose. Slick and stylish! Lana’s heart-shaped version is also an empty vessel for you to fill with the substance of your choosing, if you so choose to fill it, complete with a screw-top spoon. For, you know, scooping tiny things. You can also buy a replica of bad-girl Kathryn’s cross necklace here, if you’re feeling nostalgic and it’s total authenticity you’re after.

Available on for $45.

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