GET Limited-Edition Ocean Blue Dipper

May 14, 2018

Do you want an efficient, clean-burning dab pen with coke-snorting mechanics? There’s a vape for that, although that was… a very specific request. The Dipper, a futuristic spin on a dab-head staple, is an electronic nectar collector and dab pen by Dipstick, and a new limited-edition Ocean Blue colorway supports healthy oceans with five percent of all proceeds going to marine conservation charities. 

Upon unboxing, the care put into design becomes immediately apparent. Small, easy-to-miss details like the box’s pattern, print, yellow UPC and sleek presentation reinforce the feeling that you're purchasing a high-end vape device and not some generic AliBaba import. Included in the box are a charging cord, a dab tool, a cleaning kit, replacement rubber gaskets and the vape itself. The Dipper also includes two replacement atomizers: a direct dabber for nectar collection and an oven for on-the-go consumption.

The Dipper delivers clean, smooth hits without the use of water filtration. Between trim run and high-quality live resin, the Dipper rips through oil like a champ—expect tasty, herby hits and strong clouds. Three temperature settings cater to different smoke styles: that’s low temp for taste, medium for something a little stronger, and high temp for a heavy throat hit and huge highs. Likewise, the vape clearly focuses on convenience and portability. In fact, the Dipper nearly eliminates the need for additional dab tools, carb caps and glass when you’re traveling—all you need is wax and a good pull! It’s small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, but big enough to be hard to lose, with an inconspicuous form-factor that won’t raise eyebrows if you leave it around the house.

Most of the internal parts can be difficult to take apart due to wax residue buildup, but the dab tool provides excellent leverage when taking your device apart to clean. The atomizers are occasionally subject to clogging, but a 30-minute isopropyl bath seems to be the best solution. The cotton swabs are made out of wood, so you’ll want to use a generic bending alternative for those hard to reach spots. If you find your atomizer unusable (you probably won’t), replacement atomizers are available in packs of five for $29.99. In the event your Dipper goes caput, Dipstick provides a generous one-year warranty.

The Ocean Blue Dipper is available here for $149.99


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