GET Limited-Edition Yayoi Kusama Skateboard

October 22, 2018

The art of Yayoi Kusama was born of hallucinations. From an early age, the Japanese artist had visions of multiplying dots and nets that she reimagined through art as early as age 10. Shortly after moving to NYC in 1958, Kusama introduced white net paintings and eventually the Infinity Nets series, which offered a visual representation of infinity through endless psychedelic loops, dots and half-moon brushstrokes. The series came to represent some of her most iconic works. And now you skate on one of them. 

Kusama and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) collaborated on a Canadian maple wood skateboard topped with a screen print of an Infinity Nets piece introduced in 2000 and currently in the MoMA collection. Featuring the look of a broken mirror, the limited-edition skateboards (only 500 made) come as a trio meant to be mounted on the wall side by side. However, the artist who once said her work questions "what it means to live and die" made sure the decks can be fitted with wheels for those who still say "skate or die!"

The Infinity Nets Skateboard Triptychs are available here for $800. 

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