GET Lineup Brewing Biëryoncé German Pilsner

January 22, 2018

Who likes to turn down the opportunity to utilize a perfectly good pun? On that note, who’s feeling drunk in love? Or moreover, who refuses the chance to involve the mere mention of Beyoncé in literally anything? Certainly not Lineup Brewing, a female-owned, Brooklyn-based brewery run by Katarina Martinez that prides itself on defying stereotypes. 

While a spiked lemonade might seem more appropriate, Martinez debuted the beer for a 2016 Octoberfest fête that happened to coincide with a Beyoncé concert, and now it’s back by popular demand. That might have something to do with the striking packaging, inspired by the art from the pop powerhouse’s eponymous album BEYONCÉ.

Martinez describes the German Pilsner as having a “warming malt finish, like a drizzle of honey in your cup of green tea,” if your green tea happened to be beer. Beyoncé herself, who has said in interviews that she’s a “boring drunk” (“Well, I don’t drink often,” she admitted back in 2009, “but when I’m drunk, I’m very quiet and I observe and I go to sleep. I don’t think I’m much fun”) isn’t a fan of the craft beer created in her honor and has issued a cease and desist letter to Lineup Brewing. To that, Martinez responded, “We’re disappointed she didn’t take it as a compliment, but oh, well. It was fun while it lasted!” 

So Queen Bey/brewski fans, hightail it over to Brooklyn to pick up a four-pack before the much-coveted beer is officially off the market.

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