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Get LOUD! w/ Slink Johnson | Episode 2

Actor-comedian Slink Johnson (Black Jesus, Grand Theft Auto) returns with another installment of his live-action comedy, Get LOUD! w/Slink Johnson. In Episode Two of his PRØHBTD series, Slink connects with WoahStork, a technology platform that simplifies cannabis ordering and deliveries. When he decides to join a driver on a cannabis delivery, Slink winds up in Compton with A$AP TyY where the streets get loud in more ways than one.

“There's much more appreciation for enjoying cannabis than just rolling a jay,” explains Slink. “It's an art form, it's a lifestyle.”

Get LOUD! w/Slink Johnson gives viewers the opportunity to hang out with Slink as he travels the globe in the search of the loudest people, places, products, parties and activities. The Smoke Yours crew founder, who visited Silika Glass and a popular Los Angeles dispensary in the premiere episode, is deeply passionate about cannabis, and he infuses this passion and spirit into every entertaining episode.

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