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Get LOUD! w/ Slink Johnson | Episode 3

If you think LCD Soundsystem at Coachella was huge, try Slink Johnson (Black Jesus, Grand Theft Auto) at the 2016 Cannabis Cup! That’s where the Smoke Yours founder heads in the third installment of Get LOUD! w/Slink Johnson. Prior to the big event, Slink tries out the MyDx cannabis analyzer with choice flower like Titan OG and Sapphire Kush from Northern Emeralds. The handheld device runs biological analysis of cannabis samples, and Slink will use it to judge buds at the Cannabis Cup. His favorite flower will win the first-ever Loudest Bud Cup award.

After learning to use the MyDx, Slinks makes his way through the Cannabis Cup collecting samples, interacting with growers and mixing it up with notable personalities. Among the highlights, Slink talks trash to rapper-actor Xzibit (Pimp My Ride) and pays respect to OG legend Tommy Chong, who proudly wears a Make America Stoned Again cap. “There's much more appreciation for enjoying cannabis than just rolling a jay,” explains Slink. “It's an art form, it's a lifestyle.”

Who gives Slink the smallest sample? What does he think of medicated caviar? Who wins the Loudest Bud Cup? Find out in the latest episode of Get LOUD! w/Slink Johnson.

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