GET Lowell Herb Co.'s Pre-Roll Variety Pack

February 20, 2019

In his 18th-century work The Task, British poet William Cowper famously wrote, "Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor." For those who also appreciate the herbs of life, Lowell Herb Co. introduced a new variety pack that contains seven pre-rolls each with a different strain. The sampler targets casual cannabis consumers who wish to better understand the taste and effects of different strains, but experienced aficionados will appreciate this well-curated product that lets you mix things up every night of the week.

Like a greatest hits album filled with popular singles, the Variety Pack features two all-flower hybrids (Sunset Sherbert and White Cookies), three indicas (Hog OG, Doc OG and Pure Kush) and two sativas (Sled Dawg and the always popular Blue Dream). The packaging lists each joint's individual cultivation date—the pre-rolls sampled here all came from late November 2018 harvests—and features a stylish Americana design that reflects the Lowell farm's early 20th-century roots. Organically grown in a greenhouse, the strains are all triple tested in the lab and hand rolled into half-gram joints. The tip of each pre-roll contains a graphic symbol that, when paired with details listed on the box, helps identify the strain.

This is not Lowell's first strain-tasting assortment: The Santa Barbara-based company offered a luxury eight-jar flight in late 2017 and an eight-jar Hanukkah gift set in late 2018, among other limited-edition releases. The variety pack differentiates itself, however, with smoke-ready pre-rolls and matches housed inside a portable, pocket-sized box that keeps the joints secure. Whether you're gone for the day or the week, this is an ideal travel pack with different options that can cater to your specific mood and taste at the moment. That's definitely enjoying the spice of life and all its flavor.

Lowell Herb Co.'s Variety Pack is available at numerous retail locations in California.

Photos by Elena Kulikova

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