GET Nike White Widow

April 22, 2018

For decades, most major companies skirted the cannabis market—they wanted to advertise to "stoners," but nobody wanted it to seem like they were "endorsing" cannabis use. Nike helped move the needle when it released the first cannabis-themed sneaker in 2004. Now the country has entered a new age in which people’s grandmothers dab on Instagram, and the sneaker titan is ahead of the curve once again with a new smoker's shoe available today for 420. 

The Nike SB Dunk Mid White Widow—an homage to the classic cannabis strain of the same name—was designed by Todd Bratrud, artist and founder of Send Help Skateboards. The sneaker comes in a fuzzy mint green and off-white suede, reminiscent of the frost-touched bud that serves as inspiration for the shoe. Batrud’s signature stoney red-eyed spider adorns the insole, while red swoop, lettering and an off-white midsole tie up the look.

White Widow might lack the novelty of another Nike stoner classic, the Dunk High Cheech & Chong, which revealed a layer of "weed" as you "unroll" the sneaker with wear and tear. Still, the White Widow joins an elite class of SB models that sport an inner pouch for your stash. You know, for the smokers who like to play basketball, skateboard and roll joints simultaneously. Nike missed an opportunity to release a Dunk High silhouette on 4/20, but we'll let them slide this year.

The White Widow retails for $100 here.

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