GET Opening Ceremony Exclusive Gold Nameplate Necklace

May 31, 2017

Ever since famed Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field topped off Carrie Bradshaw’s (also known as Sarah Jessica Parker’s) neck with a nameplate necklace in 1999, it’s been something of an iconic piece of jewelry. So iconic, in fact, that it also became too ubiquitous to wear for a while. But what goes around comes around, and it’s only a matter of time before something that’s played out becomes most wanted yet again.

Women were accessorizing with personalized nameplate jewelry long before that HBO show became ridiculously popular, and Patricia Field was selling her own nameplate necklaces for years before they made a television appearance (she’s said, “I have a shop in New York City, and a lot of kids in the neighborhood wore them… It became a universal, long-lasting thing), but it seems logical that Opening Ceremony is bringing them back in 2017. Their exclusive collection of custom-made necklaces made it just in time to order for Mother’s Day, but odds are you’ll be more likely to buy one for yourself. Each one comes in clean and classic 14-karat gold, or if you prefer your jewelry with a little more flair, opt for the crystal-cut version featuring a contrasting first letter and swirling underline. Each one is final sale and they ask you to allow up to five business days for processing (that doesn’t include shipping time).

Available at Opening Ceremony for $295.

Photo credit: Hypebea.

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