GET Planet I Glitter Glasses

January 11, 2018

Flecks of glitter on your eyelids? Great for a night out, but a real pain in the ass to contend with once the party’s over. Also, glitter everywhere is not as fun as it sounds. Glitter on your lenses? Seems like an even more impractical idea, but think again and take a look at Planet I sunglasses

Designer and founder Eric Steginsky launched the line in late 2017 to inspire an instant escape. “It’s such a depressing time,” he’s said. “I want people to take a little vacation every time they put these on.” Finally, sunglasses you can wear out at night without looking like an asshole! (Actually, having the audacity to wear glitter-flecked shades might make you look more like an asshole, but that’s irrelevant.)

Steginsky did a year’s worth of research first, which he spent consulting with manufacturers to nail the exact right glitter-to-glass ratio and combing through materials in Manhattan’s Union Square. After finding the perfect type of sparkle, he had it injected directly into the lenses. The result is what he likens to “a Snapchat filter for your face.” 

The shapes and styles are in keeping with the unbothered good-times vibe, including the Space Cowboy, a riff on glam-rock aviators; Extraterrestrial, featuring plastic '90s-inspired frames; the slim, semi-round Moonwalker; and the highly impractical, very shapely Flame. A key aspect of all: They look like expensive shades, not novelty party favors. If these don’t launch a conversation, nothing will. And yes, you can see through them. The look might be all sparkle, but the view is crystal-clear.

Available at Planet I for $69 to $120.

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