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March 29, 2017

I’ve smoked a lot of different dab pens in my time, but this past weekend I was finally delivered from mediocrity by the Puffco Pro 2 dab pen. It’s rare that a product is so good that I feel comfortable calling it one of the best, but the Pro 2 gives us a sleek, portable, effective pen that is so easy to use it renders all inefficiencies about dabbing negligible. 

The Pro 2 has a lot of the same features as other pens so I expected it to fade into the background of the dabbing landscape. It has a standard five-click on/off system; three temperature options delineated by the color of the cloud button (green is low, blue is medium and white is high) and provides about 100 uses per charge. Some unique features that elevate it include the “sesh mode” option and the portability and feel of the device. Shesh mode (activated by pressing the button twice) allows you to have a 12-second consecutive hit, maximizing sharing especially for casual smokers unfamiliar with pens. My favorite part of the Pro 2 is definitely the durability and portability of the pen. It comes in the standard Puffco carrying case with a spot for the USB charger, loading piece, chamber/mouthpiece and pen body. 

Dab pens, while small and easy to use, are deceptively difficult to load and charge, and with so many pieces to a typical device, it deters me from taking them to the places where they would be most useful: festivals, camping, vacation. Not to mention the difficulty one has loading a pen with wax—it’s so sticky and small, how does anyone do it without an applicator? The fact that all of these issues are eradicated in such an efficient and aesthetically consistent way sets the pen apart from others. 

Consider this past weekend when I tested it out with a couple friends in Joshua Tree. Despite the plethora of other devices we brought with us, we didn't touch any of them except the Pro 2 because it was so easy to use, lasted longer and provided a smooth clean hit that translated into a perfect body high: ideal for harsh desert conditions. 

The Pro 2 ultimately provides the utility and ease of a disposable vape pen with the quality and accessibility of its higher-end competitors. Even though this doesn’t speak to the actual functionality of the pen, I would be remiss if I did not mention the size and feel of the Pro 2 itself. Smaller than its predecessor but just as sleek, the stainless steel exterior and cloud button keep the pen cute but not precious, an important distinction for the aesthetically minded cannabis consumer. It’s ideal for daily use in addition to the travel advantages. 

The Puffco Pro 2 retails for $89.99. 

Review by Stash Squad member Carolyn Lipka. Images from Puffco website.

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