GET Pure Vape Premium C02 Oil: Wiz Khalifa OG

By Adrienne Airhart on November 7, 2017

The secret’s out: Cartridges are so handy and portable it’s insane, and people think we’re blowing a whistle in public as opposed to toking up. We as consumers have a lot more choice in the matter of cartridges since the selection seems to increase daily, so we need to be smarter about what we buy. No longer do we choose a cartridge based on the packaging or the strain—we choose it for its recipe and soul. How did they make it, what’s it taste like and will it get me high?

For Pure Vape, a company based out of Southern California, the focus is on “100% organic & solvent free, true cannabis taste & Prop 215 compliant products of the highest quality.” That means their buds aren’t sprayed with chemicals, and they’re not using harmful solvents to extract the cannabis only to leave disgusting remnants like mite shit in the end result. I personally enjoy many of the flavors that are sometimes added to oils, but in all honesty, no flavor is better than pure cannabis itself. Pure Vape delivers that taste—and smell—and proved to be a real crowd-pleaser. I passed the cartridge around my living room full of cannabis enthusiasts, and the taste was the topic du jour. “It actually tastes like weed!” I know, buddy. I know.

Then we were high. And the Wiz Khalifa OG we just puffed on had us sinking into my couch and chatting about the election as though the world weren’t about to explode. I have about a thousand 510 thread batteries, and this cartridge is designed to fit any of them, though the company does make its own batteries in a plethora of colors and in both small and large sizes. You can buy the cartridges in half or full grams—this full gram has lasted me through seven smoke sessions with serious smokers. Maybe it’s the taste that convinces us we only need to hit it once or twice before passing, or maybe it’s the extreme potency (66.7 percent THC, 0.91 percent CBD), but we used less to get high faster. As a broke millennial, I appreciate this application of frugality.

Warning: Because of its “strong cannabis taste,” it does emit a “strong cannabis smell,” so don’t use it around people who are sensitive to it or law enforcement (unless you’re in a chill state, like Oregon). I’m going to pick up their Tangie and try it out next since the effect of the indica was so true to its reputation. This is a definite GET!

Adrienne Airhart is a Los Angeles-based comedian. Follow her @craydrienne.

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