GET Ron English Police Grin

July 28, 2018

Don't worry, this art toy doesn't depict that kind of police.  

Ron English's latest creation actually finds its inspiration in the galactic police, i.e., Stormtroopers, endowing them with the artist's signature grin. For his latest collectible, English once again collaborated with Compound and Made by Monsters, who scored an instant classic last April with the Ganja Grin. Their latest collaboration, Police Grin, promises yet another hit that will send Star Wars fans into hyperdrive.

The 10-inch vinyl Police Grin comes in rosso corsa red, which is the color of the international Italian racing team, and the standard edition will be limited in number to 500. Likewise, an equal number of spinoffs will be available: 350 Bone Grin, 100 Gold Grin and 50 White Grin. The spinoffs come in blind bags, meaning buyers will not know which toy they're getting until they arrive.

The Ron English Police Grin goes on sale August 3 at noon (EST) via Compound's website and sells for $350.

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