GET Ron English's Ganja Grin

April 18, 2018

Jessica Lange, Carmen Electra, Sebastian Ingrosso and Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr all receive gifts each April 20, but you don't need to be born on 420 to want a special gift on this stoner holiday. PRØHBTD fave Ron English collaborated with Compound creator Set Free and Made By Monsters toysmith Chris Kong on the limited-edition Ganja Grin, a cannabis-themed mashup of English's Shocking Sunflower and Growing Grin sculptures. The Ganja Grin goes on sale April 20. 

The new SpongeBob SquarePants parody features a cannabis sprouted stem and colors inspired by the classic strains Sour Diesel and Purple Haze. For an old-school '70s twist, Ganja Grin delivers a surprise effect when placed under a blacklight. Two alternative versions were also produced—in gold and platinum colors, respectively—and feature different grins and flower pot details. The hand-numbered production was limited to 1000 units: 500 of the original, and 250 each of the gold and platinum. 

Set Free, Kong and English previously created the popular Charlie Grin series, and Kong and English have a long history of collaboration that included the Dum English series with music artist Chris Brown. 

Starting April 20, the Ganja Grin is available here for $650 each. 

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