GET Sex Pistols x Midnight Studios

July 9, 2018

During the month fashion designer Shane Gonzales entered this world, The Offspring topped the modern rock chart with "Come Out and Play," and Green Day followed soon after with "Basket Case." The (almost) 24-year-old might stab you with a safety pin if you suggested these were his influences, but the Los Angeles native grew up listening to punk, and it shaped the design aesthetic behind his red-hot streetwear brand Midnight Studios. His punk tastes actually more old school, and Gonzales just collaborated with one of his all-time favorites: The Sex Pistols.

For the new collection, Midnight Studios culled the Never Mind the Bollocks-era archives for original pieces that Gonzales transformed into exclusive designs. The pieces include album cover-inspired hoodies, God Save the Queen sleeveless shirts, No Future denim jeans and oversized printed scarves, among other options. Much of the original collection sold out in days—why wouldn't it when one of the coolest fashion lines partners with one of the all-time great punk bands? Still, a handful of pieces are still available, and resupplies are hopefully coming soon, as is the 40th anniversary of Bollocks on October 28.

The Sex Pistols x Midnight Studios collection is available online here.

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