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June 8, 2017

When something touts itself as “the [insert dumb thing here] that broke the internet,” it usually doesn’t bode well. But there are exceptions to every rule, and Sigma Beauty’s insane lip gloss is one of the exceptions to the Kim Kardashian-West rule of internet proclamations. Makeup artist Ralph Siciliano created a formula that’s supposed to give "this abstract feel to the lips, like something you’d see in the Museum of Modern Art."

Holographic, opalescent and prismatic, the four shades of gloss are designed to be worn over your lip shade of choice for added dimension, alone for subtler light-catching effects, or over a dark color for a high-drama after-hours look. Or you can just use a nude-colored matte liner as a base to ensure your lip situation is more sophisticated than silly. Double Whammy hosts a dual-chrome blend of green and lavender, Flip Flop has a hot orange angle, Pink Lotus is—duh—pink, Transcend is opal with a purple, and all of them will make people stare at your mouth. These are your lips on an upbeat acid trip, right in time for summer, the prime season for wearing Jem and the Holograms-approved lip gloss—and getting high.

Available now at Dolls Kill for $16.

Photo credit: YouTube

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