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July 14, 2018

No, the dark web hasn't seen the light, but a cannabis company called Silk Road is reminding people of the term's true origin. In the second century BCE, a trade route developed between central China and the Mediterranean with reach into Africa and the Middle East. The most famous commodity was obviously silk, but the route also played a major role in the spread of medical knowledge and products, including cannabis. The California-based company that adopted the Silk Road name hopes to do the same by sharing wellness-based cannabis products, which start with disposable vape pens. 

The artfully packaged pens are available in three formulations—Focus, Relief and Relax—each featuring distinct flavor and cannabinoid profiles. In order of taste preference, Relief is the hands-down star with a fusion of tangerine, spearmint and lemongrass flavors that rank among the best on the market. The terpene-rich, hybrid-dominant oil boasts six parts tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to one part cannabidiol (CBD). When pulling from a Relief pen, be sure to position the tip of your tongue near the center of your lips to heighten the flavor experience. 

Focus, the obvious choice for the casual consumer, is a sativa-dominant oil featuring equal parts THC and CBD, and it ranks a close second in the flavor department with elegant notes of grapefruit, peppermint and bergamot (an Italian citrus fruit). Finally, a lavender-chamomile combo arguably makes Relax the least-appealing flavor choice in comparison, but the indica-dominant oil packs the most punch with an eight-to-one THC:CBD ratio. All three pens are also available in CBD-only formulations. 

While the company website does not mention specific organizations, Silk Road donates a portion of each sale to fight the addiction epidemic, the drug war and all roadblocks that limit adult access to cannabis-based medicine. Partnerships are apparently being developed to help address the opioid epidemic, and Silk Road will hopefully announce those programs soon. But make no mistake, this part of the company's mission is particularly important to its founder, who lost his brother to an opioid overdose in 2016. Countless studies suggest cannabis is a potential pain reliever that can reduce opioid consumption, and Silk Road products are made with this clinical knowledge in mind. 

The suggested retail price Silk Road vape pens is $45, while the CBD-only formulations are available here for $49. 

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