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December 28, 2017

You roll up to your favorite smoke-friendly brunch spot to meet with friends, but you want to enjoy a clean draw before diving into a plate of fried chicken and waffles. Break out your sleek SilverStick pipe and Leather Dugout carrying case, and watch your swooning friends stretch out their talons like hungry vultures. 

SilverStick is a showpiece that delivers filtered draws in an oversized one-hitter pipe made with airplane-grade alloy steel. Natural cotton filters that last up to four hits (per user preference) provide a cleaner, softer draw that also keeps fiery embers from entering your mouth at the brunch table. SilverStick comes in two sizes, Large and Slim, and both feature deep bowls for up to six and three hits, respectively.

The SilverStick itself is a subtle yet stylish steel pipe, but those who foresee lots of travel and public consumption, the hand-dyed Leather Dugout ups the envy levels. Designed for the large SilverStick pipe that’s generally too big for standard carrying cases, the handcrafted Dugout comes in two colors, toasted brown and typewriter black, made by the century-old Horween tannery in Chicago. Despite its compact size—less than four inches high, two and a half wide and three-quarter inches deep—the Dugout comes packed with an airtight storage vial, a steel poker, filters, the SilverStick and a metal Clipper lighter, which is available in four color styles. The lighter is a classy addition for those who prefer to light up with something more elegant than a Bic.

The full Leather Dugout with your choice of SilverStick retails for $89. The carrying case is also available without the lighter for $75 or by itself for $55, and the SilverStick without the case retails for $25 in either size. Replacement filters cost $7.50 for 100. 

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