GET Sködia Softwear

By Anna del Gaizo

GET Sködia Softwear

There are a few qualities that make a sweatshirt, or a pair of sweatpants for that matter, desirable. Like a certain kind of unassuming slouch, an appealingly oversized fit translating to a laissez-faire attitude, and most importantly, celebrities documented wearing it. Sködia, a new Australian-born and New York-based leisure wear label, has all three! With Jessica McKie leading the creative and design side and Fernando Martinez on the business end, the duo has labeled their type of clothing “softwear,” in what’s likely an effort to elevate it, which they define as follows: “fundamental, wearable pieces alongside unique fabrication that can be worn together in a uniform mentality.” 

That’s what Kylie Jenner did with their baby-pink pairing, seasoned with a shearling-lined Alexander Wang denim jacket and white Puma sneakers. As did Cara Delevingne in the seaweed color option, while Rihanna went for monochrome white, dressing up her sweatpants with pearls and a bustier. Admittedly, these are very simple sweats that don’t look all that special, per se, but there’s something to be said for absolute simplicity that you can put your own spin on—and unapologetic comfort. Mindfully unisex Sködia also offers a crushed velour variation, as well as a boxy take on the classic T-shirt, logo-laden baseball cap and a limited-edition collection of overalls.  

Available at Sködia for $50 to $280. 

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