GET Snask x Pangpang Brewery Shower Beer

July 13, 2017

Some things just make sense. Like socks with sandals and the fact that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Wait. A pairing that shouldn’t make sense but actually does? The “beer shower,” the time-honored tradition of taking a hot shower while drinking an ice-cold beer. Appreciated by frat guys and Margot Robbie alike, treat it as the ultimate pre-gaming ritual or a leisurely way to decompress after a long day of whatever you do. Now there’s finally a beer designed specifically to be consumed while hosing yourself down: Shower Beer is the collaborative creation of Swedish craft brewery PangPang and creative agency Snask.

Cofounder Frederik Öst explains that the compact six-ounce bottles are designed to be consumed in an efficient three or four sips, ensuring the “beer won’t get too warm.” Luckily, half the volume doesn’t mean half the alcohol intake. This “strong but sweet” pale ale has a 10-percent alcohol level—and an on-theme sudsy flavor. PangPang brewery founder Frederik Tunedal says it’s “heavily hopped with Citra and has a citrusy, soapy and somewhat herbal profile.” Not only that, it doubles as conditioner for your hair so you might want to save that last gulp for some lather. Or you could also just drink a regular beer while you bathe. Or for that matter, any other beverage you so desire.

Visit for updates on U.S. distribution.

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