GET Stephanie Hua and Coreen Carroll's EDIBLES Cookbook

November 5, 2018

As U.S. states mainstream cannabis, kitchens across the country can finally welcome the newest power ingredient: cannabis.

Edibles are all grown up now, and culinary sophistication has embraced gourmet cannabis creations and their cookbooks. Stephanie Hua, a San Francisco-based chef and author of the Lick My Spoon cooking blog, collaborated with German chef and PRØHBTD fave Coreen Carroll of the Cannaisseur Series, a conceptual Bay Area food and cannabis pairing event company, on just that fancy resource. Together, they crafted a cookbook of 30 bite-sized, low-dose recipes called EDIBLES: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen. This cookbook takes you far beyond pot brownies, so be prepared to make special treats like Carroll’s award-winning Blueberry Lemon Macarons and Hua’s Birthday Cake Mellow (gourmet marshmallows).

Hua and Carroll bring their all-star cast of go-to dishes to create the concept of community through food and cannabis. Their start low, go slow aesthetic is perfect for bakers of all skill levels with easy to read information on how to calculate dosage, decarboxylate, make an infusion and find the perfect recipe to entertain with—and eat. If the therapeutic effects of THC and CBD aren’t enough reason to get this cookbook, just imagine the longer onset while enjoying a Peach and Ginger Ale Float or a Negroni Gummie.

“Let’s make some tasty edibles and let’s not fuck up our friends.”

Available here for pre-order and on sale November 6.

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