GET Stoner Duck Hemp Brown Ale

February 26, 2018

Last year, Province Brands in Canada filed a provisional patent for the "world's first beers brewed from the cannabis plant," and Constellation Brands (Corona, Modelo, Ballast Point, Pacifico, etc.) bought a 10-percent stake in Canopy Growth Corporation with the intent to make infused beer. The future certainly holds new promise for brews and buds, but those living in the present don't need to wait thanks to Stoner Duck hemp ale

This nut brown ale features a rich and malty flavor profile, which includes the subtle taste of cold-brewed coffee and slightly smoky notes of dark chocolate and caramel. Made with American hops and hemp seeds, Stoner Duck is best enjoyed with foods like grilled steak, shiitake mushrooms, earthy root vegetables, meat lover's pizza and aged hard cheese. Though part of the cannabis family, hemp will not produce a psychoactive high, so maybe pair the beer with a vape or flower as well. Ideal pairings would include terpene-rich strains like humulene-heavy Headband or caryophyllene-kissed Chemdawg, or alternatively, let the Stoner Duck rock out with his beak out while smoking some Heavy Grass pre-rolls. 

Venice Duck Brewery, started by two former bartenders at James Beach, is a craft beer company that encapsulates the crazy circus that is SoCal's most notorious beach. Their select line of artisan beers includes Lucky Duck Agave Blonde and Dogtown Duck IPA, but Stoner Duck truly epitomizes Venice's long history of dispensaries, counter-culture expression and open cannabis consumption. In describing the beer, the company even alludes to the Green Doctors dispensaries on the Venice Beach Boardwalk.  

Per the cannabis leaf-adorned bottle, Stoner Duck is "a professor of easy living and smooth vibes… spending sunny days rapping with fellow 'doctors' on the Venice boardwalk and his evenings in the lab [where] he has perfected this easy drinking, nut-brown ale with just the right dosage of organic hemp."

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably time to order a pint.  

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