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May 22, 2017

Acknowledging 420 used to be kind of lame for anyone aside from dedicated enthusiasts who earnestly applied the code term, middle-schoolers kicking back post-class and, of course, people making fun of 420, but times have changed. While there are still plenty of myths surrounding the term (and the real story involves five California high school students in 1971 selecting 4:20pm as the meeting time for a mission to find an abandoned cannabis crop), April 20 has evolved into a legitimate holiday. At least one as legitimate as an illegitimate holiday can be. It’s one that celebrates cannabis culture and the fight for global legalization. Which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Now there’s an app that takes the idea of appreciation not one but several steps further. The 420 App encourages you to “capture a daily smokable moment,” granting you exactly 14 minutes and 20 seconds—because just over four minutes isn’t really fair—to snap a 420-worthy picture and share it with your friends. The simple directive: “Every day at 4:20pm smoke it and snap it!” Needless to say, your “smokable moment” should involve flowers, oil, joints, bowls, pens, bongs, blunts or, most minimally, some sort of leaf-emblazoned attire. If this concept doesn’t speak to your inner rebellious junior high-schooler, then what does? Then again, getting high after school was always a blast, it might be worth reliving.  

The Daily 420 Photo App is available on iTunes.

Photo credit: Flickr.

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