GET The Cool Hunter Donut Mirror

By Anna del Gaizo

GET The Cool Hunter Donut Mirror

Now that the world has basically imploded and our slow demise is imminent—just kidding! Everything is fine. Everything is fine! A bigoted xenophobe encrusted in layers of stale self-tanner and vengeful hatred who has gleefully used his less-than-average-sized hands to both actually tweet the words “I love Hispanics!” and grab women by the pussies, because he’s a celebrity and when you’re a celebrity you can do anything, has been elected President of the United States, and on top of that, Leonard Cohen just died, but everything is most certainly fine—it’s time to focus on things we genuinely care about, things that drive, ignite and uplift us. Like doughnuts and vanity.

So here's a piece of décor for your home, since you might not want to leave it for the next four years, that seamlessly combines everyone’s favorite confectionery of fried dough and literal self-reflection. I’ll admit I love mirrors a lot more than I love doughnuts, since I really love looking at myself (it’s not that I think I’m that attractive; I’m just really self-absorbed), but this Cool Hunter mirror is a win-win. Made of stainless steel that’s been polished to a high gloss, it’s curved to awe-inducing effects. Depending on where you hang or place it, it changes your perception of what it reflects. So what that it’s $2,600? In a few months, our new president is going to give us all jobs that will make us rich (well, everyone who’s white, at least), so what do you have to worry about? 

Available on The Cool Hunter for $2,600. 

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