GET The Last Days of Summer: The Photographs of Akila Berjaoui

July 1, 2017

“The next best thing to a vacation…” is a phrase that gets thrown around relatively frequently but rarely proves true. But fashion photographer Akila Berjaoui, who got her start as an intern at RUSSH, has actually succeeded in bringing the beach to you with her new book, The Last Days of Summer. Armed with her favorite old analogue cameras, Sydney-based photographer has documented her jaunts to the best beaches—and the tanned bodies that bring them to life every year—of her hometown, along with the most popular seaside locales in France, Italy and Brazil, among others.

An almost palpable mix of fleshy close-ups and sparkling landscape shots, the images (220 of them, to be exact) seem literally saturated in sun-kissed heat and breezy, salty air. They also feel at once timely and timeless, evoking the grainy, saturated aesthetic of 1970s and ʼ80s vacation culture. Place it on your coffee table and leave it there all summer and beyond. It will make for an especially nice escape after the—you guessed it—last days of summer have passed.

Available on Amazon for $39. 

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