GET Tom Ford Beauty Shimmer Shot

By Anna del Gaizo

GET Tom Ford Beauty Shimmer Shot

I usually prefer taking my shots at the bar, chilled, no lime required, but when Tom Ford, perennial sovereign of all aesthetic things gratuitously luxurious, serves one up, far be it from me to turn him down. Besides, his new Shimmer Shot offer the perk of making your skin look better, rather than say, tequila-hangover sallow.

Face highlighting creams and lotions are beyond commonplace in the beauty realm (NARS’ Illuminator is a longtime favorite), but Ford’s light liquid formula isn’t average. Pump up some of the dreamy stuff to highlight areas you want accentuated, like under the arch of your eyebrows, cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose to define structure; blend it all over your face for an allover glow; or mix it with foundation for a hint of radiance. Any way you apply it, you’ll feel a few rays closer to summer, now little more than a fading memory.

You have your pick between two tones, which both promise to work on any and all skin tones: lighter, sandier and more traditionally “nude” Spin Spin Sugar, and deeper bronzed Lust for Life. The former is subtler for daily wear, while the richer shade will evoke sun-kissed, fresh-from-vacation feels. At $45 a bottle, think of it this way: Shimmer Shot is only the rough price of two shots of Don Julio Añejo at a swanky cocktail bar.

Available at Tom Ford.

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