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By Adrienne Airhart on March 16, 2017

While disposable pre-filled vapes can be the jam, there’s nothing like being able to customize your dabbing experience and change out your concentrates more frequently without losing any product. Vaporous gives you this option with its J-Pen Pro Series Kit, which is designed to give the user a customizable experience and on-the-go vapeage. Yeah, I just made that word up, get into it. I like how the vape feels in my hand, substantial yet sleek, and must say the mechanism is quite efficient at delivering a dab hit—and quickly. It’s in my purse right now, where it will stay forever.

This set is basically a vaper’s dream: It comes in a tidy little tin box, the 650 mAh battery charges with a USB, it lets you have dab-ADD, and you can switch out your concentrates frequently using dual core (double coil) atomizers. It gives you the option to pop a pre-filled cartridge on it, allows you to watch the vapor build in the little glass attachment and it even comes with a dab tool and jar. Oh, and they’ve carefully crafted the dual coil and airflow to give bigger, badder clouds than their previous versions. Personally, that’s not something I’m looking for, but I know a lot of people whose mouths make an “O” when you puff a big cloud for them. It’s like a party trick. I just like that I can bring my own dabs or use a cartridge; versatility in a vape is super sexy. And, once I finish with some oil inside, I can switch to crumble without any residue since the design and ceramic/quartz components allow the product to burn off the atomizer completely, leaving it clean and ready for the next dab.

Same as every vape pen, five clicks turns it on and off. The battery lasts for a whopping 300 puffs, and it’s suggested you don’t hit it for longer than 8 seconds. If people are still doing that, you’re the reason we can’t fly with these things. You’ll burn out your coils and possibly your battery if you keep that up—if you want cloud coverage that big, go to a rave. I like the tiny mouthpiece as it keeps the pen feeling more like a pen and less like a statement piece, and the button functionality is great. Plus, the color coordinated settings tell me the temperature is low (blue), medium (white) or high (red). Like Goldilocks, I prefer it right in the middle for decent cloud coverage and less heat on my hand. And I am mindful when I have a cartridge on it not to take too big of a hit because it feels like it might burn out if I let it get too hot.

This is definitely a vape for the cool guy at the party who is willing to share, and it fits easily in a pocket (or purse!) so you can pull it out anywhere. Since it looks like a black e-cig, it’s discreet, and you’re less likely to get scolded by squares who have a problem with clouds that dissipate in seconds. Have a vaporous time with this bad boy.

Vaporous Technologies pens range from $25 to $90 retail. 

Adrienne Airhart is a Los Angeles-based comedian. Follow her @craydrienne. Photo credit: Instagram

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