GET Vetements Grinder Necklace

By Anna del Gaizo

Vetements, the Paris-based “design collective” (don’t call it a brand), launched in 2014. Shortly thereafter, it exploded in both the runway and street-style realms. All about “democracy,” it’s led by Demna Gvasalia and run with the help of his brother Guram, along with five other friends. First thing’s first: If we’re going to talk about the label—I mean, collective—let’s make sure we’re pronouncing it correctly. You wouldn’t want to expose yourself as an unacquainted plebeian, would you? Of course not. It’s “vet-MAHN” and it’s the French word for clothes, plain and simple. 

“Being down to earth is the new black,” Gvasalia said of his philosophy. “Previous fashion was about making a dream. I feel like younger generations are much more pragmatic about it and I think this pragmatism is quite necessary to be honest.” In past seasons, this impulsion towards practicality has materialized in the form of slouchy, crotch-skimming thigh-high boots, maxi skirts featuring illustrated riffs on the Star Wars franchise and, most famously, manifesto-making and expletive-heavy hooded sweatshirts. 

Now they’ve gone a step forward, offering some proper utilitarianism. It’s a high-priced cannabis grinder casually disguised as a gleaming pendant, designed to be worn as a necklace. It comes in silver or gold, depending on how flashy you like your accessories. A delicate curb-style chain is a welcome contrast to the heft of the logo-engraved grinder, and it’s just discreet enough to wear everywhere. It will also probably be the most expensive grinder you ever use, but the value of the perfect marriage of high fashion and even higher function is priceless. 

Available in silver at Ssense for $750. 

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