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March 13, 2018

Flavor or function? Those who drink CBD-infused teas often can't have both, but ViPova teas strive to deliver a high-strength dose without (as the packaging says in ALL CAPS) the hemp oil aftertaste. As most readers know, hemp is a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis that contains cannabidiol (CBD), the cannabis compound getting all the headlines for its medical potential. ViPova's parent company, Canada-based Lexaria Corp., developed patented technology that increases the bioavailability of the tea's CBD, therefore improving its absorption and benefits.

For its teas, ViPova utilizes hemp from northern Europe, with a range of featured flavors including Herbal Bengal Chai, Herbal Cherry Black, Earl Gray and Herbal Masala Chai, among others. The PRØHBTD staff sampled the Yunnan Black Tea, which features leaves from a southwestern Chinese province with one of the oldest and most famous tea-making traditions. In addition to the leaves and hemp oil, the tea contains sunflower oil and dry evaporated milk, and the company infuses the cannabinoids in the fatty lipids as part of its absorption technology.

The verdict? ViPova is free of the “weedy” taste that plagues its competitors, making it a good choice for consumers seeking effective, low-cost CBD. The flavor itself is fair, albeit not great when compared to high-quality teas at a similar price point, but those other teas don't provide the benefits of CBD. In fact, when comparing the teas against comparable CBD products, ViPova moves up the flavor rankings. That said, improve the flavor by steeping the tea bag in very hot water (post-boil), and then cover with the cup or pot and allow it to steep for 15 minutes or even longer. High heat and longer steeping time will give you a better final product.

ViPova teas are available here for $9.99 (eight bags) or $15.99 (16 bags).

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