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August 17, 2018

Vape cartridges have been taking the cannabis market by storm over the last few years, and companies continue to set up shop on the promise of proprietary tweaks and innovations to the run-of-the-mill cannabis cartridge. Like most consumer goods available in the market, there are plenty of variations of products that are best suited for certain types of brands and their end users. When it comes to vaping cannabis oil from cartridges, users want a brand they can trust is quality and will ensure proper delivery for their specific needs.

PRØHBTD has tried many different cartridges that vary from cotton to ceramic wicks, plastic to glass tanks and mouthpieces made from metal, plastic and ceramic. Each style has its pros and cons, but some cartridges blow others away. Enter the X-Pro Series by Ultraflo, who have created a line of versatile, high-end cartridges sure to fit the needs of brands that are looking for quality hardware to house their THC and CBD oils. Of the several models available, the X-Pro 5 paves the way for a new class of cartridges that have a unique bottom heating chamber to ensure that oil of any viscosity is fed to the ceramic heating element using the power of gravity. This system keeps your vaping experience and temperatures consistent at all times and doesn’t leave the oil in the tank tasting burnt by ensuring the heating element never touches your oil.

The X-Pro 5 comes in four color options—silver, gunmetal, gold and rose gold—and boasts a Pyrex glass tank along with a round mouthpiece. Where it stands out amongst others, though, is two-fold. First, the X-Pro 5 has top airflow (which we are huge fans of) and it’s adjustable, which allows the user to restrict or open the amount of air that flows through the cartridge when inhaled. Depending on the amount of air and voltage being used, hits can vary in size and are adjustable to suit the needs of each person using it.

For testing, the Ultraflo variable battery with three settings (2.7V, 3.1V and 3.6V) was used and the airflow adjusted each time to see how many variations of vapor production could be achieved. Starting on the lowest setting (2.7V), the most airflow (six holes, three open on each side) and adjusting throughout the session made for an… interesting evening. This method amounts to 12 different settings, and you can bet your bottom dollar each was tried. The general rules of thumb in this instance is the more holes for airflow, the easier it will be to hit and the lighter the vapor produced will be. When you couple that with temperature, the higher the temperature, the hotter it will be, which will produce thicker vapor. A newbie, for example, may choose the lowest setting with one or two holes open on each side, while someone looking for a smack to the face will choose the highest temperature with no holes open so a large, thick cloud is produced. On the other hand, someone with perhaps asthma may choose more airflow so it’s simply easier to hit and requires less work on their lungs, and they can also choose the temperature based on what flavor profile they are trying to achieve. Whatever your preference, this system allows for so much versatility.

After testing all 12 variations, the magic of the bottom-heating coil could be felt because none of the oil that was vaped lost any of its flavor and each hit was as tasty as the last. The simple innovation to move the heating coil from the side of the tank is very effective and makes for an elevated experience. If you use your own oil in cartridges or are a brand looking to stand apart from the competition, you need to look into Ultraflo and their X-Pro series because your health comes first, and using high quality materials with your oils is of the utmost importance.

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