GO After Hours until the sun is shining

GO After Hours until the sun is shining

You know how it goes: After the show it’s the after party, then after the party it’s the hotel lobby and after the Belve it’s probably the Cris…Well, something like that. Let’s just stick to the after-hours party, also known as always a great idea at the time that you’re almost guaranteed to regret the next day, when you haven’t slept, neglected your real-life responsibilities and are hungover af. But a successful after-hours session is all about living up the moment. You’ve got good people, high energy and nobody feels like going home. At least not until the sun is shining. 

1. Alexander Wang Party Animal Neck Pouch: Who wants to keep track of a bag? Just slip this pouch, perfect for storing your stash or other unmentionables, around your neck and go hands-free. 

2. Biscotti Singoli Premium Pre-Roll: When Singoli calls their pre-rolled joint premium, you can bet they mean it. Made with Emerald Triangle-sourced flower and solventless, full-spectrum hash, it’s as smooth as it is worthy of sharing. 

3. Deluxe 420 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Snow Globe: Finally a snow globe we can get behind. Hand-cast in Brooklyn, this decorative delight has a secret stash compartment hidden in the “kush green” base. Surprise: It comes with a dime bag. 

4. Aegean Greek Fisherman Wool Blend Cap: You should have this ridiculous hat on hand because you might have the urge to call yourself “captain,” or you might just feel like accessorizing your late-night look. 

5. Denim by Vanquish & Fragment Acrylic Card Case: Keep track of your cards and bills with a slim case that looks nothing like a wallet. The ball-chain clasp means you can hook it to something in case you happen to get sloppy.

6. MISBHV Extasy Scarf: Here’s a not-so-subtle scarf to keep your neck warm should your after-hours venue get chilly or add suggestive flair or both. Bonus: MSBHV is a brand that’s getting a lot of buzz at the moment.

7. Fire Extinguisher Cocktail Shaker: You can’t use it to hose down a rowdy guest, but this so-called fire extinguisher performs a more important function. Take your mixed drinks with a splash of novelty. 

8. AOVR 14k Gold-Plated Grillz: So hideous and absurd they’re kind of awesome: For ten bucks you can trick out your mouth and instantly perk up the late-night mood in the process. 

9. Born x Raised Cocaine Strap Back Hat: This corduroy cap is emblazoned with two feelings often prevalent at your average after-hours situation, so it’s obviously appropriate. 

10. Intoxicated Ribbed Logo Socks: The same goes for these cushy socks, not to be too literal or anything. Besides, Intoxicated is a need-to-know British brand. 

11. Puma Platform Sandals Wns SW: Now that you’re inside, it’s time to kick off your heel and slip into something more comfortable. Puma’s major fashion moment continues, thanks to fresh releases like these sporty sandals. 

12. G.V.G.V. Rhinestone Hoop and Fringe Earrings: But you don’t want to get too comfortable. Nothing says “I’m decadent and maybe a little drunk, too” like a luxuriant pair of sparkly statement earrings. 

13. George Keburia Black Sunglasses: Taking pair of sunglasses with you at night seems unnecessary but you’ll be grateful when your walk of shame coincides with harsh daylight. A futuristic feel meets a vintage cat-eye shape on these super-current shades.

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