GO Animals and pay homage to our free-roaming counterparts

GO Animals and pay homage to our free-roaming counterparts

It’s easy to forget humans are animals just like the rest of Earth’s creatures, what with our opposable thumbs, reliance on paper money and ability to complicate the shit out of life. But we still operate on instinct, much like our domesticated pets and free-roaming counterparts, so let’s pay homage to them by investing in some new gear for them—and getting in touch with our wild sides. Because trying to behave like a person can be overrated.

1. Seletti Wears Toilet Paper Cat-Scented Candle: Don’t let the prospect of a cat-scented candle evoke litter box nightmares. This “fluffy fragrance” has notes of bergamot, orange, jasmine sambac and vanilla.

2. Vitra Elephant Mouse Pad: If you have a desktop, up your workstation game with a mouse pad inspired by the Eames Elephant and comprised of two luxurious layers of top-notch sofa leather.

3. Umbala Malawi Majestic Throne: Most dog-owners don’t need much convincing that theirs deserves a throne. This weather-resistant woven creation is handmade in Malawi and clearly absurd, which makes it all the more appealing. Besides, you’ll be supporting local trade. 

4. Mr. Dog Camo-X Bed: Your dog can’t very well have a throne without a luxurious cushion, can they? This seriously durable bed will withstand anything your pet has to offer, which can be a lot.

5. Sweetflag Sardine Tin: No, you won’t be storing tiny fish in here. This portable picnic tin is made to house your perfectly rolled joints.

6. SUCK UK Cat Scratch Turntable: If you’ve ever fantasized about your cat playing DJ at your next house party, dreams do come true. Luckily, this ingenious scratch mat is not plugged into anything.

7. Private Party I Love Bad Bitches Dog Hoodie: There’s no denying this hoodie is in relatively poor taste, or at least guilty of a bad pun. That’s precisely why your dog should wear it. 

8. Mr. Dog Roboto Poop Bag Holder: Picking up crap will never be fun, but it can be a little less grimace-inducing with the help of this kooky carrying case, coming complete with three rolls of good-to-go bags.

9. True Leaf Pet True Hemp Chews: Our pets can reap the benefits of cannabis just like we do. This Health formula delivers omega 3s from salmon and hemp, polyphenols from pomegranate extract and DHA from whole cell algae to keep them smart and sharp.

10. Wacko Maria Ska Jacket: This reversible cotton-rayon bomber jacket lets you go wild two ways. Choose between embroidery depicting a crazed tiger or a couple of more discreet birds.

11. Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot: When the water resistant duckboot was invented in 1912, it was designed for hunting. Hopefully you won’t be killing any critters while wearing this modernized riff.

12. Eugenia Kim Felix Hat: Kittens are cute, especially when they come in the form of girls wearing knit hats. Anything that makes you smile when it’s viciously cold out is a good thing.

13. Nicopanda Cute Attack Coin Purse: Or keep your cuteness relegated to your purse, with a cheeky panda-shaped coin purse.


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