GO Art School minus the crippling debt

May 30, 2018

Art School is a rite of passage for many creative people who want to figure out how to reach their artistic potential while also sustaining themselves financially. Unfortunately, the latter can be elusive, particularly when coupled with the crushing burden of tens of thousands of dollars worth of unpaid student debt. Thankfully, looking the part is significantly cheaper. You’ll even have money left over to enroll in that online Adobe Illustrator course that you’ve been eyeing. Just don’t smoke weed before attempting the pen tool, it never ends well. 

1. Off-White Mona Lisa Sweatshirt: If Leonardo da Vinci was alive today, he probably wouldn’t understand how someone could charge 300+ dollars for a t-shirt with a 5,000-year-old painting on it. Or perhaps he would ditch painting and launch his own streetwear brand.  

2. Summerland Chongo Bong: Minimalism is not a design ethos that is typically embraced by people who make bongs. Which is precisely why Summerland’s understated designs are so sleek and covetable.  

3. Fantastic Planet Blu-Ray: If you haven’t watched René Laloux’s animated masterpiece Fantastic Planet while high, what are you even doing with your life? 

4. Calvin Klein Paint Splatter Denim Jacket: Artists are often covered in paint, but it never ends up looking quite this good. When venturing out of the studio, leave the splatters to Raf. 

5. Keith Haring Wallpaper Title: If you didn’t happen to inherit a SoHo loft complete with an original Keith Haring mural....this will have to do. 

6. Comme des Garçons Wallet: Buying a Comme des Garçons wallet is an important rite of passage for any creative person. They’re strikingly simple, semi-affordable (for a luxury brand, anyway), and sure to impress every arty barista on your block. 

7. Flavorpaper Judith Supine Wallpaper: Street artist Judith Supine has designed what is quite possibly the least traditional wallpaper ever, we’ll take 10 rolls. 

8. MELGAARD Calvin T-shirt: This is way cheaper than a Bjarne Melgaard painting. Plus is the only shirt in history to appropriate the Calvin peeing decal, The Carpenters’ logo, AND Alcoholics Anonymous graphics. 

9. Damn Good Advice (For People with Talent!) by George Lois:  George Lois is a rock star in the design world and his no-bullshit approach to life and work continues to inspire decades after his groundbreaking Esquire covers. 

10. Helmut Lang x Walter Pfeiffer Poster: In the ‘90s, Helmut Lang’s groundbreaking ad campaigns blurred the boundaries between fashion and art. Today, the brand is revisiting their artistic heritage with a series of limited edition posters. The best part? They’re actually affordable. 

11. Janus Films Tote Bag: Every first-year art student has a Criterion Collection t-shirt, but real film snobs favor Janus Films’ merch. 

12. Calvin Klein ‘Sandra Brant’ Bandana: The late Interview magazine C.E.O Sandra Brant is an unlikely choice of subject for Calvin Klein’s collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation. But then again, we’re all maxed out on Marilyn. 

13. MoMa x Yankees Hat: If you don’t happen to live in the artistic capital of the country, fake it with a co-branded baseball hat from two of New York’s finest institutions. 


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